#240 Mature Birkenstocks

I’m back in business, but read on please!

6a_xHey mates, this was a long pause, I know. Maybe some of you have read my posting at fussphantasie regarding this whole Corona mess. If not, it is worth reading as this text is still valid. I’m not the only one who is affected by this virus. Gladly I’m not losing my job or are in fear of that. But my second job as a DJ is on halt for months and will be on halt in the near future also.

In addition it is much more difficult to capture shoeplay. In Germany we are not allowed to simply choose a table somewhere, which is important if you have spotted a pretty girl. No, you have to register and you’ll get a number and a table somewhere. It’s obvious that this is frustrating.

5Many of my “good spots” aren’t usable right now. For some time I’m wandering and driving with my board around, but the result is pretty disappointing every time. Plus, as someone mentioned in the shoutbox at fussphantasie: Most of the girls are wearing sneakers without shoeplay. True.

I’m not that interested in filming stuff at the Rhine meadows. There are some people lying around, shoes and socks off and that’s it. This is fine for a picture or two, but totally not that what I’d call shoeplay. As I have a new photo camera, I will do a series for fussphantasie some day, but for cc-feet the stuff is too boring :D

Ok, and secondly the long pause was due to the loss of my last family member, my mom. She was Corona positive, but the cancer had her first. Due to Corona the whole time period was so absurd, I still can’t believe some things. If it hadn’t been so sad, I would have laughed all the time. Anyway, she told me not to be sad but to laugh when I think about her.  So I will try that and do again the things I love the most… :)


Here is a Birkenstock clip for you. A blond-haired mature lady at the end of 40, I guess. Four minutes with crossed legs and dirty bare soles, two minutes rubbing the rim of the iron chair and six minutes of calm dangling and some slight dipping.

9a   d

7a   b

In summary this clip is 12 minutes long. Maybe I don’t have to tell much more about the clip right now, are you okay with that?
Thanks for reading and enjoy the new stuff which will follow soon. Especially thank you for your kind words in all that time! This was really heart-warming and helpful for me <3 Stay safe!

download the clip