#251 Black Pantyhose In Air

Worn flats with nylon pantyhoses are awesome!

d_xMan, how long did I wait for this? It felt like ages. Long cold winter, long cold Covid, long cold whatever – I remember whining about the fact that I only got to see Sneakers and Birkenstocks. Flats? Rare.

fs2aWhen walking back to my home with a friend, I noticed this brown haired girl sitting on a concrete wall. I saw immediately that she was wearing a very thin dark colored nylon pantyhose, a short skirt and faux leather leopard flats.
The only problem was, I had no camera with me. This was very saaad (imagine Trump accent here).

At home I said goodbye to Ruth, got my camera and drove back to the wall with my E-Board in a hurry. The girl was still sitting there with her friend and it seemed that I didn’t miss anything because the flats were still on her feet.

3   7a

The legs dangled in the air and the girl did some cross-overs with her ankles, nothing spectacular but nice to watch. Note: It was really difficult to hide the camera as I was sitting right next to them, so the clip is a bit spy holed.

8   aa

Anyway, after a short time the girl started to dangle her flats in the air. She balanced them on her toes and finally let the flats drop to the ground. This was what I wanted!

e   h

She flexed and crumpled her toes and let her obviosly warm feet air out. Gladly the pantyhose was very thin so I managed to get beautiful shots of her feet.

g   s3

I changed the place one time so that I was able to film directly into her shoes and to get her nail polished toes from above. After 11+ minutes the show was over and the girls went away. But they left a lucky me :)

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