#58 Dangling In Your Face

Elegant sales women

Everybody needs a rest from work. Three of those girls who sell elegant clothes, got to my table and started talking about vacation, pigeons and – clothes.

5aI really like sitting outside drinking a cup of coffee and observing people around me. Sometimes other people share your table, this is common in a town like mine and you’ll get into a conversation very quickly. So did those girls in their 20ies.

1aAll three girls work at an elegant clothes store. One was afraid of pigeons and wore Chucks, she left the table rather early. The second girl had moccasins at her feet but unfortunately never lost them, what a pity as she was hell nervous with her feet. The third one which I liked the most, had black patent leather slippers on and was the only girl who showed us a glance of her beautiful nail polished feet.


She was a calm person and did no excessive shoeplay, but a subtle dangle with her flats. Sometimes my camera was so near to her that you’ll get a feeling of her shoes dangling right into your face.

21   32

The camera was on my bag the whole time and I wondered that no one discovered or thought about it. Two times I grabbed my cell phone out and did some face shots. Man, this was thrilling.

4   61

We sat there about half an hour, but I cut the scenes to a solid 11 minutes clip for you, so you’ll see the whole highlights one by one in a row.

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