#23 Too Many Pantyhoses

Almost heaven, flats and nylons everywhere

How do you decide, if you see many girls at once with flats and pantyhose doing shoeplay? I focused on the one with the tan tights which was a good decision.

1aHell, this was a day. I was hours on the go and smoked a last cigarette at Starbucks outside, when I stumbled upon a group of several young girls talking about where they want to get something to eat. I didn’t count them, but many had flats and nylons on, some sandals and some were barefoot in their shoes.

3aEventually they made a choice and walked to our historic city center. I followed them, captured here and there with my cam. Finally (girls! :D ) they arrived at a pizza restaurant, which was not the best one in town, but alright, they sat down and I took a seat behind the blonde with the green top.

4   9

She did a nice shoeplay with her flats, does many heelpops where you can see her dirty nyloned sole and dangled with her shoe which was dirty and heavy worn inside also. After almost an hour I had to stop filming because my cam ran out of memory, but it was enough very good material for a wonderful 19+ minutes clip with some face shots of several girls.

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