#131 Restless Girl

Peds in flats

When I walk around and see a girl shoeplaying, I can’t go on. I have to grab it.

7aThis girl, I suppose her being Polish, had some cream coloured and worn out flats, ped socks with the same color and skinny leggings on. From far away I could see that she must have been slightly nervous.

4Me too… I sat down right beside her, eye to eye with her brother and one other family member.

Guys, this isn’t the first clip I ever captured, but I felt like it was. When I dive into these situations, I cannot keep calm at first, I’m shivering then.

5aAnyway, after I had acclimatized, I drove my two-camera setup. One cam down on the ground, one in my hand. It was a bit difficult to hide the cam, you remember her brother? But yes, I was able to get some solid shots from above inside her flats. However most of the time she was moving too fast with her feet, so I could not follow her with the hand camera – this would have been too risky then.

9   d

The girl did a breathtaking shoeplay show without any pauses at all. The only moment I could chill down was when she left her seat to go to the toilet :)

In summary you’ll get a solid 18 minutes clip from a girl with slightly dirty ped socks in trashed flats. Much insane turning of her shoes around, dipping in and out, foot rubbing and even scratching one foot with the other. I like.

download the clip