#177 Peek-A-Boo

Poor girl

You know the young women who try to persuade you to change your religion?

aaI don’t want to discuss about religion. Seriously, I have no preferences and all people are the same to me. But there are many people who advertise their own confession with big posters and small books while standing on the sidewalk.

fs2aThe last point is important: “standing on the sidewalk” – the whole f*cking day :D You have to imagine, it is warm outside, you are barefoot in flats and you are standing the whole day while talking to passer-by’s.

So did this young and pretty blond-haired woman.

5I noticed it many times that the feet of the girls are hurting sometime and they are fidgeting from left to right and right to left. Out of their shoes, back into the shoes.

In this case I had the luck that the small  group of people ended their shift and sat down at a table outside to drink the well-deserved coffee. I was so excited when starting the cam, because I imagined the girl’s feet. Hot, sweaty and smelly.


Indeed, all attributes have to match when you look at the pictures. She had deep marks of her leather flats on her feet and her toes were red and worn out. Oh my.

8bThe girl did some dipping, ankle crossing and nervous wiggling. I was on the verge to paste a picture of a d*ck into the video footage but I left it alone :D Just imagine yourself.

Unfortunately I had a rather bad capturing angle. Besides the ankle crossing, you’ll see only the left foot most of the time, but in summary the 5+ minutes are well worth it.

download the clip