#63 Italian Bare Soles

“Do more barefoot PLEASE”

Well, I’m reading and responding in the shoutbox at the right side, you noticed it already. So, if you shout, your prayers will be answered.

1bI chose this Italian lady to post right now, because she was a nice sole actor. Her feet were wrinkled, yellow tinted and she had a very dark red nail polish on her toes.

fs1The blonde sat with two guys at a table and was talking in a language I can’t speak unfortunately. But it was Italian, that’s all I can say. I noticed her soles which must have an incredible smell, if you consider how they look.

2   3

The mixture of red and yellow color says that warm blood is rushing through the veins and you all know what this means. Hot feet!

5   7

I had the chance to capture her with two cameras at once, so you will get some steady shot scenes and some with an incredible detailed focus. You won’t get nearer to her feet I suppose.


Enjoy this 9 minutes clip with ankle crossings, feet dipping and wrinkling delicious bare and sweaty soles. A good mixture for a quick shot.

download the clip