#205 Birkenstock Dangling FTW

Happy new year, dear foot mates!

7_xSo, it has been a long time since the last clip. Thank you all for your messages and mails during that time, I hope you had a merry christmas and a good turn of the year. And no, my websites aren’t going to die, as someone in the shoutbox assumed. I’m full of energy and I’m very looking forward to the coming spring season.

I still need to sort out a few things regarding the websites and the registration process, same as a workaround for P*ypal payment. But this will come in future.

fs1bNow it is time to publish new clips to the wild. First one is a dark haired doctor’s assistant or maybe a masseuse. I couldn’t figure out where the woman came from, but this wasn’t relevant for me in the end.

She was wearing white Puma ankle socks and white Madrid Birkenstocks in EU size 35! Very small feet indeed :D


It was an astonishing dangling show. She was wiggling and shaking her feet all the time, in addition to an extensive “kick off” dangling a few times. I wondered why she never lost a shoe during this, very skilled.

b   g

The shoes were a bit worn out, you can see the bright footprint of her Greek shaped feet very well.

ea   ja

In the end of the 15+ minutes clip I walked around and captured a shot from the front side, but I didn’t want to get discovered, so this is only a short part of the film.

download the clip