#218 Superstars

This is for hardcore Adidas lovers only

1a_xI just thought that I began almost every text in the last weeks with an annoyed undertone. Mostly because I am not satisfied with the results in this year. I found almost no sneakers play, hardly flats, just Birkenstocks and sandals. Maybe I should do another site with bs-feet?

fs1bJust kidding :D But then I stumbled upon this woman last week. Around end of 20, light blue dress, white ankle socks and – ADIDAS SUPERSTARS! Finally!

I was so in rush that I wanted to do everything the right way. With shaky hands I started the cam and simply sat down on the ground. Unfortunately there was not really a good spot to capture this scene as there was nothing around the group of people. In addition there was a band playing some songs and too many people who could see me.


Anyway, I changed the cam one time to have more control and this could have been one of the best clips of the year.

If the lightning conditions had been better. And if the woman would have done a really good shoeplay. But she didn’t :( Most of the time she crossed her legs and wiggled her socked feet. She was curling her toes, shaking her legs and that’s it.

2   5

The real shoeplay part is 2 out of 10 minutes with some heelpopping action, but nothing exaggerating. The rest is airing out her socks and wiggling her feet after she put the shoes on completely.

6   9a

Why do I say that? I don’t want you to be disappointed. Yes, finally a Superstar clip, but get it only if you can deal with the lack of a large shoeplay part.

download the clip