#232 Glittery Feet

Barefoot in plastic sandals with plush

1a_xThese shoes have a real top phase in Germany since last year. I don’t know how it is in other countries, but the man who thought “Hey, let’s glue some plush on cheap plastic sandals and sell them as the new shit” must be very rich now.

fs2aThere is a certain type of girls who are wearing them mostly. Young turkish girls, girls who listen to R&B and Hip-Hop, girls with long painted fingernails and long dark hair.

Such a kind of girl was sitting right next to me with a few other girls. The protagonist was 18-20 years old, but ok, I can’t really guess her real age. As some 14y old girls look often like 20+, it is rather hard to tell.

4   c

In our case (my girl) was very pretty, had sexy bare feet with white nail polish on her toes and did some real cool toe scrunching and sole showing action. She wasn’t exaggerating as some very young girls often do, but she was calm and grown-up instead.

g   b

Her shoe size was EU 40 and she had something sticking to her feet which looked like sparkling glitter. It was too shiny for sand, while small stones don’t shine as much. I can’t tell what it really was, but I would have licked it from her soles if I had the chance to do so.


As I was sitting 80cm away, I couldn’t really capture from above. I tried it in the end of the 17+ minutes clip, but then she stood up and went away. Nevertheless, enjoy the nice looking sticky soles!

download the clip