#194 Lesbian Footsie

This is very rare

I never saw two girls doing footsies under the table and I have to admit that this was rather erotic.

3axWe are all into shoeplay, right? But sometimes it is fine to cross the border just to experience something new. On my way home I discovered a girl with long brown hair who aired her white ankle socks out of her sneakers. Instant capture.

1It wasn’t that easy to hide my camera, because this was a pretty crowded place and I had no chance to sit on a chair nearby. I just stayed on my moped right in front of the girls, both around their 20ies.

While recording, I saw the other girl placing her bare foot onto the socks of the first one. That was the start for a very sensible footsie show, because the socked girl started to caress her girlfriend under the table.

They even did a kind of sandwich, if you want to call it that way :D


In the middle part they did a pause. That was the chance to get some close-ups of the bare feet and the socked soles. I love it when socks get crumpled by scrunching toes, just as they would wave to me.

4   7

In the end the sock girl started to pet her girlfriend again. She was rubbing her feet at the legs of the other. Slowly, but with some amount of pressure.

6   9

After 17 minutes they put on their sneakers and left the place. At that point I saw that the black socks of the barefoot girl hung at the bar of the table the whole time.

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