#163 Icy

Sometimes my titles really make sense

A pretty young girl was licking ice cream and played with icy colored linen shoes.

abI really don’t know, maybe someone can help me? Are those shoes plimsoles? Plimsolls? Sneakers? In Germany we’d call them “Turnschuhe”, but that’s a whole range of shoes and most of us don’t care either.

fs4aBut the majority of foot lovers like to distinguish which I fully understand. So guys, please correct me and light my darkness of knowing.

Regarding this girl: She had long blond hair and a pigtail. Sporty dressed with a skinny jeans, a pink top and a long vest. Her shoes were colored icy white with some stitched flowers on it.


They had no brand but a Chinese manufacturing label inside. Why I do know that? Because I got a look inside :D

b   8c

The girl pressed her bare feet onto the shoes, fumbled with her toes between her other foot and the rim of the sneakers and wiggled her feet from left to right.

While licking the ice cream, she crossed her ankles eventually and started to shake from left to right while waving with her toes. If I had to decide between ice and her feet, I’d rather take the feet.

6   d

At the end of the 8 minutes clip she put on her shoes and crossed her legs. Although it was very crowded, I managed a dual camera capture, holy.

download the clip