#77 Endless Thai Dipping

Skill level: Asian

It was one of those boring days where I wanted to go home, but stopped when I saw this pretty young Asian girl with a thin tan pantyhose and flats.

8aGood things always happen if you don’t think about it. I was on the road for hours and decided to walk right to my car, when I suddenly discovered a nylon heel popping outside of its ballerinas.

fsMan, checking the surroundings, no seat free, ok, standing still in the midth of the path, dropping my bag, checking the angle and go for it. I was standing right behind that dark haired Thai girl, who was sitting there with a girlfriend and some guys.

What I saw later: The girlfriend in black pantyhose did some shoeplay also, but unfortunately she was covered by the seats and it was too dark in there. Never mind.

1After a while I got a seat and ordered a coffee. This was the perfect angle to get out my second camera, so I could capture from two views at once.

At one point I got the feeling that the girl had discovered what I did there, but nothing happened, phew. As I got caught a few times now, I really don’t want to experience this with some guys nearby :D

5   6

Eventually I had to change the battery, so I was brave enough to film the last part of the clip free hand, until both girls decided to go to the toilet – and I finally decided to go home, I was sitting there for over an hour already.

Get a wonderful dipping show which lasts over 28 minutes. The Thai girl was very active as you can see in the preview video. So, drop it like it’s hot…

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