#274 Flappy Mom

You want Birkenstocks? Here they are.

3_xaWhen searching for a good title for this clip, I had to smile. I don’t know if this is a special genre of dangling when the protagonist is clapping her shoe rapidly against her heel.

fs2bFlapping was the most suitable description in my mind, but the mom wasn’t flying for sure. I guess everybody knows Flappy Bird?!

The young pretty mom was wearing a hot pants jeans, had long legs and Birkenstock Madrid at her feet. At first I captured her from behind. And I mean: behind! I was sitting roughly a meter away or so.

8   4

It was not that easy to follow her movements in every way just because she had so much more space than I had on my longboard. Nevertheless I got some very nice and detailed shots. Especially the views in between her foot and her inner shoe sole was a challenge.

1   9

After a while I decided to change places, because I wanted to catch her toes. This was quite a short pleasure as she stood up and went to the nearby bakery, after she did some flapping action for us.

l   ca

The empty bench was occupied instantly by some random guy so that Flappy Mom was standing the rest of the time. She did a subtle play with her Birkenstocks but nothing exaggerating. Nice to watch though and I got a few close-ups from it.

h   k

The longest part is 7 minutes from behind, the rest of the 13+ minutes clip is from the front and standing equally regarding time. Enjoy!

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