#47 Pantyhose Dipping

Patience is a gift

Mates, I was almost considering to stop this capture, when this young girl started to move her feet like crazy. I cried silently!

3aThis is a typical story. Sitting behind a very pretty young girl, capturing until your butt hurts and nothing happens. But in this case the novel got a twist.

fsA brown haired beauty with a skinny leggins was sitting with a mate outside and they were talking, I suppose they talked in english as far as I could understand. The girl moved her feet a little bit but nothing special, I even couldn’t see if she was barefoot or wore nylons.

Don’t know how long I sat there, but I counted to 42, which I do sometimes and then stop and go away when nothing happens in that time. Maybe it was at 29 ( :D ), when the teenie suddenly almost threw her flats away and clapped them hard onto the floor.

1   7

This was the start of a heavenly foot show. She rubbed her soles like crazy inside her flats, popped her heels several times and I even managed to capture a glance of her toes, which was rather difficult from this angle.

42   fs5

You will see more than 15 minutes of her beautiful hosed feet, a quick view of red nail polished toes and an insane shoeplay with her leather flats.

I was so glad that I counted slowly that day. You will be really glad too, I’m sure.

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