#70 Squeezing Toes

High on the heels

Many of you asked for some high heels, here I have some. These are some really extravagant shoes and the girl must have aching feet.

4aWhy do I say that? Just because the brown haired girl was constantly moving her bare toes in her shoes. The toes were horribly squeezed and it seemed uncomfortable, at least for us men.

fs1aHer girlfriend wore some flats and a pantyhose, but unfortunately she did nothing. And when I say nothing, I mean nothing. It was a pity as she was quite pretty too.

1aAnyway, here is a disclaimer and I ask you to read and understand this: This clip is 22 minutes long and there is no real shoeplay in it! The girl only moved her toes in her high heels, squeezing, rubbing and scrunching. Plus shaking her feet from left to right and a little bit heelpopping. Nothing else. You will find this clip rather boring if you expect an astonishing shoeplay show!

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This is only for high heel lovers with beautiful bare feet in it. But if you are into this, you will love the different views and angles I have captured. Period!

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