#261 Barefoot In Pumps

Pumps with high heels, this is quite rare in my town

b2_xMaybe it’s just me and I overlook this most of the time, but I almost never see shoeplay in pumps when I’m in the city. The shopping streets aren’t comfortable for walking in shoes with high heels because they have cobble stone pavement and I guess this is no coincidence.

fs1aAnyway, this didn’t prevent the lady with brown hair from sitting with two girlfriends at an outside place and enjoying soft drinks. I stood and sat behind them at a wall and tried to capture with two cameras which wasn’t that easy at all.

The pumps were brown soft leather, size EU 37. The lady did a whole lot of dipping with some heelpops. Her toes were in the shoes most of the time, but I could capture her nail polished toes two times, this was gorgeuos. She had the greek feet with a longer second toe.

4   e

I really hoped I could have filmed more of her bare soles in complete, I was waiting for it at least half an hour. As nothing happened, I changed my position and in that moment she left her shoes… I mean, come on, this is cruel :D

5a   9

Immediately I went back to my old position and got a very good glance of her soles. But please don’t let the 18 minutes fool you: Bare soles completely out of the pumps is only 3 minutes. The rest is amazing dipping and rubbing in her shoes plus some heelpopping.

6a   8

One of the girls spotted my cam after a while, it was quite obvious what I was doing there. Before one of them could say anything I left the place to save the precious recordings.

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