#86 Popping Bling Blings

Again, I love socks

Many of you will probably hate me, but deep in my heart I am addicted to socks in flats, don’t know why. Especially when the socks are worn out.

2aThis girl was sitting with her brother and some other family members outside and they were enjoying ice cream. I was enjoying her shoeplay instead. Black socks, well worn and trashy with some sparkling black flats, hmmm.

fs2Some of you guys like short skirts or hotpants, I know that. The pretty girl had very long lengs and a very short pants on, this was a fantastic contrast. Plus the flats and her socks, but ok, I’m repeating myself.

Dark blond hair, a braid and a cell phone in her hand.

The plot: She does almost constantly heelpops, which I find very exciting. After a few minutes I changed my position to her back to get even more of her sole.

1   4

Eventually she left her shoes and rubbed the inside of her soles rapidly back and forth. Seemed she was a bit impatient with something.


Anyway, there was a moment when she kicked at her brother’s leg. If I had a sister, I guarantee she would have done that to me every day… Nice dream for me.

5   8a

Enjoy 11 minutes of joy if you are into socks and flats play. Just one PS: The girl and one woman saw my camera and they were talking about me, but no one came to me asking what I did there. Have that in mind while watching this clip :)

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