#188 Ankle Socks Dipping

Can’t wait for the summer

These are pictures you won’t see in winter. It’s like a cold turkey…

3xLast weekend it was a bit warmer, the air smelled like spring and the sun was shining. After those long cold weeks it is a bit of a foretaste what we can expect in the next months. Oh my.

Sure, this winter I had enough to do with the yet non-released gym clip, but I miss it so much to walk around and hold my camera to the pretty girls with their feet. As in this case, I’ll come to the point now :)


A group of students was sitting at a Pizza restaurant outside and – yes – I captured one of them. It was a brown haired sporty girl in her 20ies with Converse Chucks and black sneaker socks at her feet. She had a small tattoo and an anklet too.

4This was a hard catch, because she was sitting in direct sunlight with a bit of shadow. Now try to capture white sneakers and black socks… You have to decide what you want to expose. Either the socks are invisible or the shoes too bright, but I did a good compromise.

The girl was dipping in her Chucks, little bit of playing and one time she got up and stood with her socks on the ground.

5   6

In summary this is only a 6+ minutes clip, there were just too many people around and the sun freaked me out. Anyway, enjoy!

download the clip