#55 Asian Birkenstocks

A good fake and a wonderful show

Some weeks ago a fan said that this summer Birkenstocks will expect a rebirth in Germany. I laughed, but he was right!

3aI know that Birkis are very popular in other countries such as USA or especially the Netherlands. Now they come back to us, as a  well done fake shoe at sweet Asian feet.

fs1aThe pretty dark haired Asian was about 20 yrs old and sat outside of a café with a girlfriend. I love this place as there are many good spots to get a nice capture if you are patient and have luck.

This girl did an awesome shoeplay with her Birkenstocks, as much as you can do with them. She rubbed the inner sole of her shoes, curled her nail polished toes several times, let a shoe hang at her foot and stroked her feet together.

4   5

I had the chance to capture her from different angles and got some of the best close-ups of her soles.

7   6

Unfortunately the show ended after almost 6 minutes because it started to rain and the girls went inside the café, but never mind, these few minutes rock!

download the clip