#24 Nylon Taste Of Spring

It smells like spring feet, everywhere

In Cologne we had wonderful 18-20 degrees celsius and sunshine all the days. This is the time when girls throw their winter boots far away. At least some.

3aThis young girl sat with her girlfriend outside of an ice café. Her friend had Converse Chucks and the protagonist had black flats with heavy worn nylon socks at her feet. I really like this combo, especially when the toes are visible.

fsBoth girls were blond haired, wonderful good looking. The flats girl did a heavy shoeplay and heelpopping, scrunched her toes together, rubbed on the edge of the shoes and crossed her ankles several times so that we can read her shoesize. It was a european 40, which is 7,5 in the US. I know that some of you really like this information.

Note that 2/3 of this video is heelpopping, so if you aren’t into that kind of shoeplay, this clip might not be the first choice for you.

Enjoy this 17+ minutes clip with long turns and wiggles of nyloned feet in and outside of some old flats. Let the spring begin!

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