#278 Summer Gym LR

Never say never to locker rooms!

Six years ago I did a so called “once in a lifetime” project and honestly I thought and told everyone that I won’t ever do this again. But here we are…

dd2_xIt was a warm summer night, I was sitting at the Rhine river and thought of the Gym Locker Room clip which I did in winter of early 2017. Many things have changed since then, especially the clothes and shoe style of the girls.

In Germany there is kind of an 80ies revival going on. Mixed with some 90ies parts, but especially the Hi-Top sneakers with sport socks were totally in this year.

aa2The skinny jeans changed to mom jeans and girls are wearing white socks more and more. I remember a situation from 1989 with a girl wearing this exact combo, but that’s another story.
However, I was riveted by the picture in my head. Do the locker rooms look somehow different now, especially in summertime? So I packed my stuff, did what I did way back then and started observing.


The only question I had to answer was: Should I really take the risks? I mean, I have told you, this is not an easy thing to do. I remember from the last time that I was completely out of my social life during this period.

1b2   7clx2

But I did it. In some way I had to do it for my personal balance. When everything else is going downhill, you need to get some kind of a goal.

That’s said, I went along with the groups of girls for weeks and got to know some of them from a distance. Same as last time I placed the cameras at different spots, so I learned the girls’ habits and appointments.

de2   4elx

I tried to focus on the Chucks Girl a bit more, because she was the one who had always slightly dirty socks on which captivated me for sure. And on top of it she is a lovely sassy bigmouth :D
Had to laugh every time when I was listening to their conversations.

ca   ce2

Same disclaimer as in the last clip: Here are no faces, boobs or panties to see! Privacy is my concern and I never want any of the girls being recognized on the street, so I bleeped out all their names too.

3b3   6c

There are 13 chapters in 108 minutes, the Chucks Girl got the longest part of 23 minutes, the rest is equally divided. Enjoy the sweaty summer socks, mates! <3

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