#254 Hunting High And Low

Pink Burlington socks with red flats

4_xI can’t really explain what this means to me. Somehow there are many triggers in my life which came together when I discovered this girl in her 20ies, but what I can say is that I was hopelessly excited and nervous.

fs1_4On that sunny day I was driving on my longboard in a pedestrian area and stumbled upon this girl and her flats. In the last two years it got pretty rare seeing a girl in flats. Mostly younger kids are wearing them, but not older girls.
And then with socks? This is a 1 out of 10 chance, with Burlington socks a 1 out of 100. Don’t know if this is an exact calculation, but at least it feels like that.

The girl didn’t do any shoeplay at the beginning, but my inner voice ordered me to sit down on my board at the border of the area and wait.

1   3

I didn’t have to wait too long and the girl started with some dangling and heelpopping, dropped off her flat and was dipping slightly, so that I could see her socked soles.

This description doesn’t resemble at all how the feelings went up and down my body, I was shaking and couldn’t believe this. I was in panic and tried to control myself at the same time to get a steady angle for the camera. This was difficult to say the least.

6   7

After a few minutes a table got free and I decided to change my place. I wanted a shot from above so badly and I got it – for a few seconds only, because the girl stood up and went to the toilet.

Time for me to recover, to order a coffee and I decided to drop the cam to the ground, because I wasn’t able to hold it still from that perspective above.

8   a

When the girl came back, she didn’t do that amount of shoeplay anymore. She was shaking her feet, dangled a bit and does some heelpopping, but there wasn’t a great sole show anymore. I would have liked that so much, but as I calmed down, she did the same.

d   b

But nothing to complain, I got a gift from a very pretty girl and I was happy like a little boy seeing a flying kite in the sky. I cut this clip to 17 minutes runtime. You’ll see my nervousness at some points, sorry for that, but I’m also human after all :D

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