#114 Trashed Nylons

I love it

The most probable answer to the question, what will happen with those trashed nylons after the girl pulled them off, is killing me.

6aFoot fetishism is different for all of us. Sometimes I like the tension, when I think about of never getting something I really want. Look at this girl, pretty, brunette hair, coming from a shopping tour.

fs1aShe had well worn flats at her feet and that’s the moment I start capturing. At first I couldn’t see, if the girl was barefoot or not, but when she popped her heel out, I was speechless.

5Those nylons were so trashed, that her heels were bare and you can see her ripped soles when she dangled her shoes.

This is no question at all that the girl would throw the nylons away when she changes her clothes at home. And yeah, I’d so like to own them after all.

But the reality is, they will never be mine, so I’m only allowed to look at them and to imagine how wonderful they smell after that long time of wearing.

3   9

The girl was even so mean that she lost her flats and showed us her pretty toes, after she flexed them heavily in her warm and moist shoes. Sigh.

Sometimes this job is hard bearing such scenes without getting mad. Enjoy a solid 11+ minutes clip with very trashed nylons in well worn flats.

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