#54 Cinderella’s Dirty Toes

Once upon a time

…there was a pretty blond long haired girl with nylon socks at her feet. Her toes were dirty from her shoes, and as the shoes hurt, Cinderella took them off.

9aCinderella was sitting with her prince upon a wall at the riverside, dangling her long legs down and was rubbing and playing with her toes. The whole time.

fsaBoth were laughing, they had a good time. Many people were sitting around them, but no one was as pretty as Cinderella.

She was like a falling star in the night, sensitive, modest and (ok, sorry :D ) a lil bit dirty at her feet.

Imagine her feet like warm, sweet and soft ones where you long for. Her thin tan nylon socks enclose the red toes and you get a wonderful glance of them.

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The prince had found Cinderella long time ago and, just like any good foot lover does, he was worshipping the nail polished feet at the end of the story as he put on Cinderella’s shoes to her feet. Such a nice prince.

And after you watched the 13 minutes of this clip with beautiful face shots in, Cinderella and her prince lived happily ever after…

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