#250 Sandals & Nylons

A small compilation with pantyhose in sandals

3bxTo be fair, I know that probably some of you were expecting another thing to celebrate the 250th clip. But there is a story behind, read on please.

Over the years, when I started capturing candids, I found out that my triggers have changed. Or to be more precise: There were triggers growing of which I didn’t think about before.

1aIn general I’m the shoeplay and dirty socks guy, most of you know that. But there is a large part in me dreaming about things which do not happen at all.
For instance, if I see a girl with a pantyhose in sandals, the chance is almost zero that I will see her soles in this moment. I have to rely on my imagination how they could look.

And when this girl is sitting somewhere and wiggles her toes a little bit, I get a very small hint of the rest without knowing it. Is this understandable what I mean? I’m no native english speaker, so please excuse the lame explanation.

2b   3

Anyway, the combination of nylons in sandals is somewhat rare here in Germany, I don’t see this often. But when I see it, I’ll always start to capture even if I know that there won’t be any shoeplay to be expected. This is just for me, for my own joy.

4a   5a

So I thought instead of throwing well known and liked things around for a celebration clip, I’ll do something for me. Call it a diary entry or maybe a small hidden part of the webmaster’s soul and fantasy. Pathetic, I know haha :D

6b   7b

What is in the clip? No shoeplay! Really, absolutely no shoeplay. You will see 8 women/girls with nylons and sandals, nothing else. Some bend their toes a little, one girl has a slightly dirty heel and the white nylon girl does a bit of foot stepping and bending.


If you accidentally share the same passion of seeing nothing spectacular, then you will like this clip. This is maybe the Anti-Christ, the counterpart of any other clip here. But as absurd as it sounds, I see and feel the magic in this.

In summary this is a 21 minutes clip. See the pictures for details and the length of the individual parts.

download the clip