#269 Mommy’s Dirty Feet

ba2_xSorry guys, I’m still not recovered yet. That’s why I have asked ChatGPT to “write a few sentences about mommy’s dirty feet”. The result was the following:

fs1a“The topic of “Mommy’s dirty feet” refers to the fetish or interest in the feet of mature women, specifically those who are mothers. Some individuals with this fetish may find the smell, sight, or touch of a mother’s dirty feet to be sexually arousing. It is considered a subcategory of foot fetishism and is often associated with age play or role-playing scenarios. It is important to remember that this fetish is considered as a personal preference and should be practiced consensually and responsibly. As with any fetish, it is essential to communicate with one’s partner(s) and seek professional help if it starts to impact one’s daily life.”

To be clear, I find it quite hilarious to see what an artificial intelligence would say to our passion. It turns out that ChatGPT always ended with the consent warning, which is in our case of candid clips rather counterproductive.

3   1a

This clip isn’t much about shoeplay. The young Mommy had black Birkenstock sandals, but threw them off quite fast. Most of the time you’ll see her bare feet only. There is just a tiny bit of dangling and almost no play with the shoes itself.

5   8

I like this clip nevertheless because of the small things. The light dirt of her crackled soles, some lint sticking in the toe region and of course the interaction with her daughters. Slight touching the leg of the older one with her foot, you know what I mean.

9   ga

Both girls had sneakers, the older girl white dirty socks, but there is absolutely no shoeplay from them. So, if you are fine with that, enjoy the 13+ minutes.

download the clip

PS: I was in hospital again. I don’t know when this shit ends, but I hope it will end soon. The lack of updates or news does not reflect my will to go on here. Sorry for any inconvenience or waiting time. I try the best I can at the moment :/