#236 Wonderwaffel Flats

Best things happen when you don’t think about it

3a_xSure, I have always a camera with me when I go outside, but I didn’t expect such a wonderful barefoot flats shoeplay on this rainy day.

iAutumn has its down sides when it comes to shoeplay outside. Many people love the colors and the nature during this season, but for me autumn is a pain in the ass because it means rain, fog, cold, wind and – the worst – no shoeplay anymore. People are wearing boots for the upcoming winter and the summer feeling is gone.

But then a mother with two teens crossed my way in a Shopping Centre. One girl had Vans, the other was barefoot in black flats.

2I heard the mom saying “Waffels are upstairs” but the three went into a clothing store at first. So I thought it would be a good idea to search the Waffel shop and wait. I hoped to see some flats action.

And yes, I got the present I was hoping for. The three went into the shop and I walked behind in the waiting line. The blond and long haired girl did some nice flexing with her feet in her soft flats and I catched it all.

I simply ordered a coffee and was lucky to get a seat direct behind the girl’s feet, so I placed the cam and didn’t have to wait any second, because from the moment I sat down until the three left her table, the girl played with her shoes without any pause.

c   b

Very nice heelpopping action, dipping in her flats, moving her shoes around, crossed ankles, soft soles – everything was there.

g   o

The part in the waiting line is 4 minutes, the rest under the table is 14 minutes uncut, so you get beautiful 18 minutes of the flats girl. Maybe it would be a good idea to visit Wonderwaffel more often in future.

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