#270 Italian Girly Flats

3_xIt is a long time since I’ve posted my last socks and flats clip here. Mostly because I know that I’m a die hard fan of this combination but not so many of you are. Nevertheless, I have plenty of those clips unreleased, so now it is time again.

Technical information beforehand: Almost all clips here since the beginning are captured with the Canon G30/G40 series. I got many mails of guys asking what gear I use. This hasn’t changed, just because the quality of those lenses is outstandingly good.
eThe newer 4K cameras are lacking in things I find quite important for my purpose. They have a fan, lower zoom factor and lower runtime, so I simply stay with my beloved Canon workhorses. This means that older clips aren’t worse in quality, that’s what I wanted to say here :D

Anyway, this clip was captured at the end of last summer. I stumbled upon an Italian mom with her two pretty daughters, both with long brown hair. One of them had white sneakers, the other one elegant black flats with white socks. When I saw that, I took a seat right next to them.

6   9

Even after all those years I can’t keep calm while watching those shoeplays. My heart is pumping and my hands are shivering, it needs so much concentration not to freak out. When I’m drinking out of my cup, I have to stabilize one hand with the other.

g   f

The flats girl did a very nice shoeplay. She was popping her heels, but the flats seemed a little bit too small for her socked feet. Many times she crushed the back rim of the shoes with her feet, did some dipping actions and a small portion of dangling.

I especially like those funny things that happen casually. For example the ballerina which plopped out of nowhere to the ground.

h   i

All in all it was a very entertaining show for me, but it was almost too short as they left the place early. Gladly I got a 10+ minutes clip of it, so enjoy the Italian spirit.

download the clip