#121 Pink Nikes

Not amused

This is a really bad clip…

8aMates, you know that I’m walking around to get always the best clips possible for you. Very often I capture scenes which I will never publish, got hundreds of those clips. They are simply just not good enough for cc-feet.

But – and that’s how user wishes come in – if I have a very special one, a clip which is so rare that everybody would like to lick his tongue after it, then I can’t say no. And as you guessed, this here is such a clip.

2I saw a young girl sitting with her parents at a very crowded place outside. First, she complied with one of the most rare combinations: Bare feet and Nike sneakers. Second, she even did a very good shoeplay, dipped and left her shoes, so that you can see the toes. Really wow.

But third: The clip has a bad viewing angle, as there was no f*cking place for me to stand or sit next to her!


Chairs in the way, people walking around, other people moving chairs… argh! All this while I could watch the girl play, I was p*ssed off.

4   5

So, mates, please: This is a very good scene, you will love those 4+ minutes if you are into sneaker shoeplay, but keep in mind that the technical aspect is bad, to say the least. This is only here because some of you forced me to publish this clip! :D

download the clip