#48 Socks Massage

Dirty and sweaty

Often I’m asking myself, why some girls are wearing socks and boots when it’s actually warm outside.

2aThis beautiful young girl sat on a wall with two girlfriends, let one leg hanging down while she was massaging the other socked foot.

fsI like that, especially when the socks are white and dirty like those dotted cow(?) socks. The sole of her foot was dyed from her black leather boots which implies that she must have had very sweaty feet.

Unfortunately I couldn’t put my nose at her socks for sure, but I managed to capture very good close ups of her feet, her socks and her face. A few times she massaged her left foot, while she was wiggling the toes of her other foot.

5   3

After some time she put on her boots, jumped from the wall and put a jeans jacket on. You will see the whole show in more than 5 minutes. This clip is small and dirty, if you like sweaty socks, you will be excited!

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