#11 Pink Socks And Green Flats

No no no, this isn’t real, is it?

I know this will be a hard time now. For me to write, for you to read. But, how the hell should I make sharp screenshots with such heavy and insane shoeplay?

2aShort before evening I was on my way back home (ref. The Bag Raiders), had my camera shut off and stumbled upon this. THIS! Yeah, I got it, some of you don’t like socks in flats, but pink ones in green shoes? Dirty pink ones? Dirty and wet pink ones? Now that I have your attention, read on :D

Insane is the only word I find to describe that abnormal freak-out of moving dirty socked feet in and out of ones shoes. Period! This girl is a master in kicking her shoes off, grabbing them again, moving them upwards, dangle them at the tip of her (dirty, did I mention?) toes and losing them again. Over and over.

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Plus she is rubbing her feet over her sole as if there is no tomorrow, just to let you know this could be the last time for you to watch such an intense scenario.
These are 8+ minutes of flushing blood in your -beep-, you know…

download the clip