#31 Heelpopping Hostess

Pop me in and pop me out

Two pretty hostesses had an information booth on the street. The blonde with a tan pantyhose, the brunette had black tights. It was warm outside.

One of those days where many peop72ale were in town, because it was very warm and sunny. I lingered around and discovered two very pretty hostesses who distributed information material. Both with skirt, flats and pantyhose.

31I was waiting a while just to see if there was something to capture, and indeed, it was! The blond girl didn’t do much in this clip, so I focussed on the red-brown haired and made her the protagonist which was a very good choice.

9She must have had aching feet or so, because the hostess was constantly popping her heels out of her flats, was standing  with both feet tippy-toed, wobbled back and forth as if there was no tomorrow. I think she needed a foot massage very much, would have been the one willingly for sure, you know. But ok, I will ask her next time. Maybe. Haha.

22   6

I followed both girls through half of the town, no joke. They stopped at four places, met with other hosts and eventually left the scene, time to go home for me.

Enjoy 24+ minutes of countless heelpops, leather dipping, bending arches and wiggling toes inside those warm dampy flats. I filmed with two cameras at once, so you’ll even get a split screen.

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