#08 Three Sandal Students

Tasty toes with red nail polish

Threesome is awesome. In fact I had the focus on two girls the most, while the one with socks and sneakers simply was a nice addition.

2aSummertime – the roughest time. So sang Jenny Wilson once, but she is right. So many nice women and girls with beautiful feet that make us, hm, randy? :D
Dunno, but in this case I captured three very good looking young students, two of them had red nails and sandals while one was in socks and sneakers.

3Speaking of shoeplay, this isn’t very much there naturally as those sandals had straps around their ankles, but there was many room for the toes moving up and down just as they wanted to say: lick me!

In fact, these are often my thoughts to lay my tongue between the toes and the leather sole just to feel the pressure of the foot. Maybe you have another fantasy while watching those sweet 8+ minutes?

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