#211 Twisted Nylons

I’ve never seen this before

2_xQuite amusing and I thought I didn’t see it right in the first place, but this pretty blond girl had her extremely trashed nylon socks twisted under her sole.

fs1aI really can’t explain what the purpose of this was, maybe the nylons were too long for her EU 37 sized feet?

Anyway, the girl must have abused these socks many times before, as they were almost completely trashed and ripped with holes. Plus her heels were medicated with band-aids, so she must have walked alot in her salmon colored flats.


I discovered her by accident sitting at a table with a girlfriend. At first I didn’t get a good place to capture both of her feet as there was a bag in the way. Luckily she crossed her ankles and did some heelpops.

1a   5

After a while I changed the place in hope to get a good view from the other side. Besides of many people walking around me, we can watch her doing some calm and nice dipping play in her flats. Nothing exaggerated, she was not a teen girl. I suppose her being at the beginning of her 20ies.

6   9a

In the end I had to stop recording because of an annoying guy who observed me in an inquiring way. I decided to leave the place before anyone could see what I did.

You will get 10 minutes of a very pretty girl with extraordinary nylon socks.

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