#94 Sneaker Soles

Awesome pantyhose dipping

This girl must have some glue at her toes, at least I think so.

1aConsider you are watching a girl almost two hours long while she is doing some astonishing dipping in her sneakers, but she never ever leaves her shoes. This drove me crazy, literally.

fs2aThe protagonist is a young blonde in the beginning of her 20ies. As far as I could understand she was a dutch girl, but the group of people spoke english most of the time. Maybe she took part in Erasmus or something, in any case the guys were german.

When I saw her black nylon pantyhose in combination with her violet sneakers, I immediately took a seat right behind her. From this point of view I could see everything she did.

6   ba

And that was fascinating. The girl had some very crazy skills playing with her shoes, that I wondered why she never let them down at least once. Regarding the physical side, some positions of the shoes were almost impossible, but ok.

7   c

She dipped slowly in her shoes, wrinkled her feet, rubbed the inside with her toes and you will see this with two camera perspectives. Although one guy sat right in front of me and was looking straight to my hands, I managed to get some very good shots. You will see the girl from the back and the side, anything more would have been too dangerous.


As I said, the whole scene lasted about two hours. In the meantime she put her shoes back on and I stopped capturing for a moment. Short time later she started again playing with her lovely soles.

ha   9

I stripped down this clip to 26 minutes full of joy. It took me three evenings to cut this, just because I am a simple f*cking guy with some needs… :D

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