#40 Caress Her Plimsoles

Barefoot action by accident

I love this: Was driving back to my home in the car and stood at the traffic light. In the corner of the eye I saw this girl playing with her shoes.

1aInstantly I turned around, searched a parking place and ran over to the table where the young blonde sat with a friend. She was barefoot in trashed plimsoles, yeah!

fs1aUnfortunately there was no good place to film, so I had to take a seat in direct sight to her and filmed through a bicycle tire. Difficult situations need elegant solutions.

5aTo be clear, I was sitting two meters away and hold the camera in my hand, the brazen style… :)

The girl did very nice dipping in her dirty linen plimsoles, pushed them around and caressed the top edge with her toes back and forth.

4   6

I was so glad to be able to capture this, because my battery died and I had to start the second camera. When I was ready preparing it, the girl and her friend began to leave the restaurant, so this whole 7+ minutes clip was very good luck with a nice ending.

BTW, after that clip I ordered two additional batteries for my camera, just in case…

download the clip