#223 Adidas Sandals Voyeurism

Sometimes the clichés simply fit

d_xBefore I’ll tell the story: This is not a shoeplay clip in the common sense, rather a product of voyeurism and lewdness.
Now that the facts are clear, I should mention that I have a strange passion for those plastic Adidas sandals in every fashion. Gladly they became fame in Germany this year.

fs1aOn top of that it kills me every time, when a girl is wearing those sandals with SOCKS! Ankle socks, at best with dirty marks, worn out, whatever. I could lie down instantly then.

I was riding my electric longboard and decided to drink a coffee at McDonald’s in my neighborhood. I like sitting outside and watching the people go by. Next to the entrance there was a group of school girls and one of them had the mentioned Adidas sandals and white dotted ankle socks. I was like “Shit, start the cam!”, but there wasn’t a good spot, so I simply placed the camera under my board and captured the girls’ feet. While shivering :P

3   7a

Unfortunately they left after 2 minutes and I did what I initially wanted to do: drink that goddamn coffee. I was a bit sad, but on the other hand quite lucky about the seconds I captured.

6   8

But then… the story got a plot twist which I couldn’t have written better.

Ten minutes later the girls came back and ran around on the sidewalk, checking their phones, talking, screaming, laughing. I grabbed my board, left the coffee and ran outside with my camera running in my small bag.

9   c

The girls saw my longboard and immediately I was surrounded by all of them, asking for facts about this beast. It drives 40km/h and is simply a highlight for teens. One girl asked if she may ride a little and yeah, what would you do? I explained how to use the throttle, let her ride and tried to capture the white socks girl at the same time hahaha :D


I was confused, this whole situation was so absurd that I didn’t realize what was happening at all. I talked to the group, answered questions and tried to be as blasé as possible while hoping they won’t discover my cam.

They didn’t.

What you will get: A real life soap, a documentary, a voyeur’s fulfillment. Compressed into 6 hilarious minutes, where you’ll feel my nervousness.

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