#113 Puma With Peds

Got it by accident

Normally you won’t see socks in these type of shoes.

3aWhen girls are wearing ped socks, often you will not see them but think the girls are barefoot. In this case I was observing another girl on the street and had much luck that I discovered the young dark haired woman with her peds.

8She was sitting outside of a turkish restaurant enjoying her Çay Tea. A little dog was sitting beneath her and that’s it. Besides the woman showed us her wonderful white ped socks heels.

The whole time she was heelpopping her Puma sneakers. They seem to be heavy worn, and in the last part of the clip you’ll get a short glance of the inside sole which was pink colored.

4   2

When she crossed her feet in front of her, she was wiggling her shoes in the air, somewhat nervous and nice to watch. The whole clip lasts 10 minutes, enjoy!

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