#198 Mature Dangling

Granny toes

An elegant and very skilled silver lady

8_xWho said that only teens do good shoeplay? I know, it was me. But on my way home I stumbled upon this lady in a turquoise dress. She had crossed her legs and was dangling a black flat shoe on her toes.

fs2aI stopped instantly and started recording from a same level angle. At first the lady was eating an ice cream cone, after that she started to play with her mobile phone. The whole time she was balancing her shoe in the air, pretty skilled.

She scrunched her toes, spreaded them and all this with the flat on top, without letting it fall even once. The lady must have done this often before.

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At the end of the clip a bicycle driver came and put his bike in front of my cam, so I had to change my position. Luckily I got the last moments of the lady with a short dipping in her flats.

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Then, after 8+ minutes, she stretched her legs and walked away. Good job :)

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