#235 Tamara – Part 2

Fake Birkenstock shoes with dirty ankle socks

2_xThis is the second episode of Tamara, who I got to know some time ago. In this clip you will see endless toe scrunching and rubbing with well worn socks with a dirty footprint on the sole.

fs2aIf you’re wondering who Tamara is, please read the longer introduction at #234.
She is a 24y old Bulgarian girl who I met by chance. Although I’d really like to talk about my passion (and maybe getting some socks of her), I didn’t mention it because I didn’t want to lose the chance of capturing those shoeplay clips.

In the first part you saw Tamara playing with Adidas sneakers. This time she was wearing light grey Adidas ankle socks with some sparkling pink fake Birkenstock shoes.


Yes, I’m repeating myself: I don’t like Birkenstocks at all, but I love dirty socks! And hell man, it was a pure joy to watch Tamara rubbing her toes together, waving them into the lens and scrunching the socks all the time.

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Her cousin was sitting next to her and told some private stories of his life. As in the last clip, I muted a short part of the talk with music, because I don’t want to get him into any trouble. No more words needed.

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But as if the toeplay wasn’t enough, Tamara seemed to love my longboard so much that the rested one foot on it. She started to stomp like crazy and rolled it back and forth.

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This part is as immersive as you can imagine, because the camera was lying on the board itself. Three minutes of riding a foot rollercoaster, it gave me goosebumps when I watched the clip afterwards :D

The whole clip is 18+ minutes long and if you like socks, get it mates!

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