#79 Pantyhose Ballerinas

Pictures like a painting

Some clips seem as they are not filmed but photographed. I love the game of focus and depth of field, especially when the focus is on some flats shoeplay.

5aThis is the clip of one of the most liked photos at my facebook fan page. I asked the fans what they would like to see and over time this pretty brunette got the most votes. Shoeplay in black flats with a tan pantyhose.

fs1The brunette in her 20ies was sitting with another woman, I think it is her mom, outside a café and they were resting from their shopping tour.  This is ideal for capturing shoeplay, but there was no seat right behind or beneath them, so I had to stay in the middle of the street.

So often I asked myself what others think when they pass myself standing there like a statue. But ok, I can live with a weirdo stigma, especially for this kind of purpose.

4   3

The brunette did some very nice shoeplay. She dipped in her flats, flexed her toes and does nervous heelpopping while standing on the small bar of the metal chair.


Unfortunately they left too fast (or I came too late, however), so this clip is only 9+ minutes, short before the 10 minutes mark. But 10 minutes of nice shoeplay is better than 0 minutes, right? I loved it would have been longer though…

download the clip