#138 American Girl

Pantyhose play

When I discover nylons, my mind is getting mad.

9aWhy? I hope to see the slightly dyed and dirty sole. Besides socks, I have a passion for pantyhose girls in flats. This girl came from the USA, at least her dialect sounded like that.

She was around 20 years old and was sitting with her boyfriend outside eating pasta. At first I captured her from behind and man, this was weird, because the place was very crowded.

Just because I saw her soles, I was standing there and tried to record them. The nylons weren’t dark dirty, but clearly worn. A good sign for me and my little friend.

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Few minutes later I dared something very dangerous: I walked around the place and stopped right in front of their table. I mean: Right! Few centimeters away from them.


From there I had a wonderful view to her painted toes, they were coloured in red. I even managed to get a straight face shot from her, just like I put my mobile over their table :D

6   a

The girl did some nice dipping and crossed her ankles a few times. Unfortunately god made a joke: Lady grabbed her bag and put it between her feet and my camera, so the show ended. What a pity! But at least I got 5 minutes of her.

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