#88 Laid-Back Flats Play

Bon Vivant

A relaxing shoeplay from a brunette girl in her 20ies

9aThis is somewhat rare. Either you got only very young girls who are doing good shoeplay, or you find attractive older girls, but they won’t do much with her shoes.

fs1Especially when the girl has tan coloured nylons (pantyhose?) at her feet and wears black tight leggings with black flats. Wow! This brunette had a girlfriend to her right, she had elegant sandals on and an older woman in the background, also with nylons and flats, but no real shoeplay.

7Our main actor did many slow motion heelpops, you will see that her heels are a little bit dirty from her shoe sole. In the middle of the clip she started to scrunch her toes and rubbed in her flats, this is what I like the most.

She had red nail polish on her toes, there are some glances where you can see this for a short moment. Her finger nails were painted in french white.

5   3

Two times I recorded face shots with my mobile phone, but the older woman looked at me straight into the camera, so I stopped this in order to capture the shoeplay to the end and not to be caught.


Enjoy 16 minutes of a beautiful girl with a calm and longsome shoeplay.

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