#201 Stinky Socks & Crocs


Not only I’m a big fan of dirty and worn out stinky socks, I’d die for it.

8_xMeanwhile I know that there aren’t as much dirty socks lovers outside as me. Most of you prefer nylon socks and pantyhose with pretty feet. Then see this clip as a niche for the special ones, the good ones, the olfactory ones.

fs3_xThe girl was blond haired, I suppose she was in the end of her teen years. She had crutches laying beside. As she didn’t wear a cast, she must have had something with her ligaments. Nevertheless she did some very good shoeplay with her fake Crocs, it was a joy to watch.

Not only she did some astonishing play with her feet, she had well worn light pink colored socks which were dirty on the bottom. Plus, it was a very warm day and her Crocs had a fur inside! :D You know these furs? Synthetic, dirty and – well – stinky.

6   c

When I first saw her feet slipping out of her shoes, I got very nervous, because this thrills me so much to see. It’s difficult for me to keep calm and concentrate on my camera, because I’d rather like to lie down in front and stick my nose deep inside her toes.

3   ca

Anyway, I managed the capture. I was sitting there for almost 45 minutes in the middle of the place with people surrounding me. In the end I dared to move a little bit closer and captured a moment inside her filthy shoes. OMG :P

db   e

In summary you get a 16+ minutes clip and if you like dirty socks, you’ll love it.

download the clip