#123 Awesome Black Pantyhose

A dream comes true

School girls in nylons are one thing, but in black tights it is another. This clip reminds me of my lonesome days watching at girls’ feet while learning.

4aWhere should I begin to tell the story? Sunny day, walking around, discovering a girl in black pantyhose and flats, blue dress, sunglasses. Immediately I started capturing, although there was no good place at first, but I found one pretty fast.

1I sat down at a self service Thai restaurant, so I had a good sight from the side. The blond girl left the flats and put her feet onto the chair. I wasn’t that happy about it until I saw that I had the best view to her nyloned soles! Wow.

She was slightly caressing her feet from above and I managed to get some awesome detailed views of her toes.

After a while she went back into her flats and started to “dance” to the music, which a weird combo was playing on the street. I don’t like the band at all, because I know their repertoire by heart, but the girl liked it. Good for us :D

2   8

Eventually she played with her flats again, showed us her soles and curled her beautiful toes inside her shoes. She was even massaging her flats in the rhythm of the music. God, I should have given the band some money…

7a   3

Did I mention that I was sitting at a restaurant? Well, a guy came to me and wanted me to go inside getting something to eat, otherwise I should have to leave. So I stopped my cams of necessity and ran inside, just to get a Coke and ran back outside. In those 3 minutes my seat was gone, I had to change my position again.

c   e

Gladly I got another seat, this time right behind the girl. From there you will see many heelpops and a very nice dangling part.

h   i

In the end I had an abrupt stop of my recording, because some bad guy sat down right in front of my camera and there was no other chance to get in sight of the girl without getting caught. Few minutes before, I unfortunately dropped my second cam on the floor, so yeah, glad no one saw it :)

Either way, the clip is 30 wonderful minutes long, multi camera view, face shot and every part of a shoeplay you might want from a girl in pantyhose and flats.

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