#127 Hot Ankle Socks

34° C

It was so warm that I hardly understand, why girls wear socks in flats.

5aaNo joke, it was 34° outside and I even considered staying under my ceiling ventilator. Glad I did not, because I discovered white ankle socks in white flats. Rather I saw the heels as the girl played with her shoes.

2aSo while hurrying up to the place, I started the cam just to drop it behind the girl. I ignored the whole family which was sitting there too – the moment when my brain stops working.

You might think this is routine for me by now, but it isn’t. The sweat run over my forehead from the sun, plus there was much additional sweat from the situation, I even had a shivering hand and almost dropped the things I was holding. I lightened up a cigarette to calm down.


Anyway, the girl did a good shoeplay with her flats. She moved them around, wiggled them in the air and pulled out her feet here and there.

4   6

As this was not enough, she even removed her socks in the end! The girl tried her new pink sandals and poked between the straps with her toes. The socks ended up lying in her flats, and oh boy, I wished I had the chance to steal the socks away :D

These are exciting 11 minutes. Period.

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