#206 Thrilling Barefoot Play

This girl gave me chills

5c_xIt was one of those days in late summer. Warm outside, sun was shining and I walked my route through the town. Eventually I discovered a bright orange top which belonged to a pretty girl in her 20ies.

fs3_xShe was sitting on a green metal bench and I saw her bare feet popping out of her black flats. This was an instant flash, camera fired immediately. The girl played with her long dark hair and I started a fake phone call to get her in full frame from behind.

At this point the girl was massaging the inside sole of her flats in slow deep circling movements. Her toes pressing against the plastic cloth, imagine that.

After a while I changed my position and I tried to sneak from the side. I got some stunning shots of her feet, but I hadn’t enough.

2   4a

A place got free directly beside the girl and I sat down. Right next to her. And I lost my mind because I dared the most risky thing in this situation: I pulled out my camera and laid it down on my bag between my legs.

5   6

With some very skilled leg training I was able to move the camera from left to right and up and down. The girl didn’t notice, at least I hoped so. I tried to look so innocent as possible, pretending playing with my mobile phone.

The girl crossed her legs the first time and did a fantastic dangling show with her feet, right in front of my camera. This was crazy as f*ck :D

7   8

When she stopped dangling, she did the wiggling thing again. Dipping in her shoes, massaging her shoe soles, moving her legs from stretching to a bending ankle crossing position.

But then… I couldn’t believe what I saw. The girl pulled her flats off, crossed her legs and presented her irresistible bare sole. She started to crunch her toes and was waving into my lens. Mind blowing and I had a hard job to stay calm in that moment.


I wasn’t even sure if she knew what I was doing. Maybe she counted 1+1 together and did this for me? I don’t know.

On top I faked another phone call and recorded her. I mean, this was insane. But at this point I had nothing to lose. If she had asked, I would have been honest. I was so sure that she would smile… Damn.

fs5   ad

In the following time she did a combination of dangling, dipping and playing with her flats, showing her toes with red nail polish, crossing the legs and dangling again.

b   d

If this was one of my models, I couldn’t direct this better as a staged clip. But this was pure candid and I really had to leave after almost one hour of capturing time, I needed a cigarette :D In the end I was so lucky to have this wonderful 30+ minutes clip full of joy for you.

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