#03 Bare Arabian Soles Shoeplay

This is delicious, barefoot in flats

I’m up all day to get lucky. It is sometimes hard for me to cut the clips for you, especially when girls are doing heavy shoeplay like this one.

4aNo need to mention over and over, I do like flats. There is a correlation of age and what’s inside those flats. Younger girls often wear socks (stop nagging, I like it :D ), while the older the girls get, the more you’ll see bare feet or even nylons.

This arabian teen girl, short before her 20ies I think, sat at a street café with her family. Her younger brother was playing around while mommy left her shoe alone under the table. Then the fun began. She took all registers of shoeplaying one can dream of. Heelpopping, constantly rubbing her feet at the soles of her shoes, crossing legs, let her flat slip off, grabbing it again with her toes, playing around. Heartbreaking. I think there is no one who wouldn’t like to suck those sweet toes.

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Get 10+ minutes of very astonishing shoeplay of a young girl. Maybe someone can translate what she is talking about?

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