#21 Rapunzel And Her Trainee

Addicted to bakeries

Almost every week I visit this café after one regular appointment. This time Rapunzel from clip #17 had a trainee with fake Birkenstocks at her side.

9bYes I know, there is nothing better than the real Birkenstocks, but trainees haven’t got much money to buy the expensive ones. Maybe I should sponsor her some shoes if she works regularly?

8fsBoth girls had black socks on. Rapunzel was wearing ankle socks which got a little thin at her heel. Her trainee had old sport socks with a tiny hole in the back. Rapunzel had the same flowerish Crocs as in clip #17 and the other girl had those fake leather Birkenstocks with a thicker sole.

1aThe girls were really busy running from one side to the other, standing on her toes while serving their customers and more sliding than walking over the slippy ground covered with flour and crumbs.
Enjoy the best-of scenes in a 11 minute clip with face shots of both girls. The original clip was almost 30 minutes long, but I reduced it to the highlights for you.

download the clip